Brand Expression

Ailsa Bay

The Science of Taste

The 5 chemical and physical processes of whiskymaking are visualised on a molecular level; blending a sensorial world with technology, science and engineering.

Ailsa Bay creates the first Single Malt Scotch with a precisely analysed measure of oaky sweetness and peaty dryness through a unique process of Micro Maturation.

A series of visual experiments that take a microscopic look at the science of taste – designed for one of the most technologically advanced distilleries in the world.

1/5 PREPARATION: Steeped in water, barley sprouts into malt.

2/5 MASHING: Near boiling point, starches begin to convert to sugar.

3/5 FERMENTATION: Creates a frothing mash, as living yeasts turn sugar to alcohol and CO2.

4/5 DISTILLATION: Releases the volatile spirit, with water and mash left behind.

5/5 AGEING: Micro Maturation unfolds a matrix of flavours, kickstarted in small-capacity bourbon casks.


— one of the most technologically advanced distilleries in the world

Commissioned by


Creative Director

Marcus Wendt

Executive Producer

Vera-Maria Glahn

Design & Animation

Xander Marritt

Design & Animation

Dan Hoopert

Design & Animation

Fernando Magalhães


Joe Smith

Sound Design

Jamie Teasdale