Brand Expression


Living Memories


What if your daily experiences affected how your digital environment looked?

Supernatural objects that capture your memories, experiences and every day paths – showing you the vibrancy of your life while reminding you to pause and reflect.

Living Memories creates visual assets for OPPO's new ColorOS based on personal data to evolve with you + your environment.

A procedural system driven by personal data such as step count, location, time of day + environmental data such as temperature or sun position.

Capturing Memories

Layers of analysed data are translated into resonant, procedural visuals to forge living aquatic gems. Driven by emotions, moments of clarity evolve into ones of complexity.

The surface of varying permeability allows a glimpse into the inner world — memories and perception represented by animating streams and intertwining lifelines.

Water as the Source of Life.

Signalling a return to the natural world and focusing on water as the nourishing element, these visual systems create structures that grow, branch out and live.

We challenged ourselves to replicate the natural beauty of organic growth through technical + procedural processes.

Junior Visual Artist

Ann Zhang

Digital Artist

Jann Choy

Digital Artist

Margot Hofmans

Lead Digital Artist

Julien Bauzin


Tom Feustel

Head of Production

Alice Shaughnessy

Head of Production

Jamie Raap

Creative Director

Paul Brenner

Design & Animation

Nico Le Dren

Design & Animation

Tom O'Reilly