Generative Surface

A generative and adaptable front of house software, that composes and animates digital displays in real time, following the brand guidelines, using an updatable database of assets.


Branded Systems

Delivered alongside the system, extensive brand guidelines and detailed design documents outline the design the motion and behaviour of content. This ensures it can be understood and translated by dynamic systems that run autonomously in each store whilst remaining dynamic and branded in every moment.


Scalable Solutions

Parameter and data led solutions allow the same real-time software to scale to new stores globally with minimal setup. Where previously limited by cost of creation, distribution and number of aspect ratios, we reduced the burden on content teams while enabling rapid distribution across more surfaces than previously possible.

Generative surface adapts to the city and content to deliver consistent messaging across the brand.


Adaptive and Dynamic

Each composition is built from a flexible and fully adaptable grid system, lines driven and inspired by sports-grids flex and move depending on touchpoint resolution, allowing the system to adapt and flex to any display - this reduces dependency on any specific in-store setup allowing a much wider scope for physical shapes and sizes.


Smart Asset Handling

Assets are processed by an AI handler which allows us to infer specific information from each image or video. This allows the system to adapt in a smart way to ensure the important parts of the image or product are always featured front and centre.


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