Digital Art

Brand Expression


Jaguar Land Rover

What moves you?

What moves you?

We teamed up with Avantgarde + CAYA to communicate the design philosophy and distinct characteristics of Jaguar + Land Rover through a series of commissioned time-based digital sculptures.

Reimagining the future of modern luxury by design.

Future positive design + innovation, ephemeral light-based sketches generated with light refractions through invisible objects.

The matter of light.

Creating immaterial digital imagery through physical rendering techniques to elevate JLR's use of cutting-edge technology and premium materials. With a focus on providing a exquisite and immersive mood around the cars of both brands.

Research + Development

Utilising shadows, reflections, refractions + caustics to sculpt with light.

Research + Development

Sculpting through subtraction



Avantgarde + CAYA

Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Creative Director

Mike Hughes

Creative Director

Paul Brenner

Creative Lead

Julien Bauzin

Design & Animation

Margot Hofmans

Head of Production

Jamie Raap


Marika May

Design & Animation

Phil Bonum

Design & Animation

Ariel Lu

Design & Animation

Dan Hoopert

3D Design

Nikolai Pulger

3D Design

Bennet Meyer