Masters Augusta


Ai empowered, real time, interactive data driven installation for IBM that premiered at Masters Augusta + THINK 2024, Boston.


*In Situ photo / video of experience, user + interface. (Either from Augusta or later date of THINK)

Data Driven Insights

Utilising the Ai of IBM watsonx to transform vast quantities of golf data into predictive insights with accompanying generative ai narration.

* Nice image that shows the data behind experience? @guido @casper


Visitors could filter and explore thousands of data narratives, simultaneously experiencing both historical and real time golf events as fully interactive generative sculptures.

* HD Stills + Motion. Screen records best interaction moments, filtering, views etc


Tactile controls with physical user interface give visitors intuitive free play to navigate, deep dive and fluid choreograph their own non linear narratives.

* In Situ Stills + Motion Close ups showing interface, interaction and real time responsive visuals and sound on screen.


Game Engine

A real time, dynamic, data driven world created in Unity Engine. A compelling and powerful creative tool that for the first time allowed IBM to celebrate their vast data and watsonx ai's generative potential as fully navigable multisensory experience.

* Best of process from game engine, houdini r+d

"You see golf, we see data."