Digital Impact, Barcelona 2023


We at FIELD.BLUE are looking to the future. Acknowledging our societal presence between the physical + digital worlds, we strive for a way to harmonise the two to elevate our existence. Our true humanitarian potential is on the horizon, waiting to be unlocked.

Our friends at Digital Impact would agree with this sentiment. As would the other artists whose work sits beside ours in this new, cutting edge digital art exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.

The identity of the space and artwork that inhabits it act as a door to a revolutionary world, showcasing the power of digital art and the organic connections we can make from it. The environments here to explore not only represent the future of art, but are meant as inspiration to realise the core of our human nature, and create a bridge to a world of limitless possibility.

Take a look at our exhibited piece, DeepTime. This artwork is situated by our side at a singularity, spanning across all of time and the continuous change that is a product of it. Open for viewing at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona, from April 28 — August 27 2023.