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Sonic Healing


Imagining a mixed reality experience that can extend the boundaries of your home and open portals into an alternative healing natural world, all wrapped inside of a guided meditation programme.


Sonic Healing experiments with bringing together ancient therapies and modern technology, to provide a space for meditation and healing amidst increasingly busy lives.

Our main tools of communication and interaction during Covid-19 are phones and laptops. Screen time has increased exponentially, and we have to use screens to engage with wellness classes.

“Sound Meditation dates back to ancient times and is among one of the oldest forms of healing practices used in many different parts of the world. From Australia’s aboriginal tribes to ancient Chinese and Tibetan cultures.

A sound bath offers these relaxation techniques by ‘bathing’ participants in sound waves frequencies. These create a state of balance and health within our bodies and minds. Benefits associated with sound baths include managing stress, sleeping issues and anxiety.”

Tamara Klein

In addition, we have devices (e.g Apple watch, FitBit) that can measure our physical well being, our heartbeat, breathing, activity levels, how we sleep, they sometimes know more about us than we do ourselves. All this data can be used to drive an experience. The data tells you when you are off balance, so you can plan in a therapeutic session of meditation. Whatever journey you take really depends on what your body needs. The sketch would imagine different scenarios of that journey.

This experiment uses high-end real-time natural environments with raytracing and exploring various non-photorealistic effects, as well as AI style transfer + deep compositing to blend + connect real and virtual spaces

Commissioned by

IKEA Space 10

Interior Design

Emma Archer

Architectural Visualisation

Studio Archetype

Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Managing Director

Vera-Maria Glahn

Creative Code

Felix Faire

Alice Shaughnessy

Creative Director

Mike Hughes

Sound Design

Combustion Studio

Nico Le Dren


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