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Infinite Earth Song

Commissioned by Envision Energy for the lobby of their new Headquarters in Shanghai, "Infinite Earth Song" is a procedural art piece about energy as a source of life. Accompanied by a generative symphony of sound from nature, ever evolving musical and visual compositions harmonise to fill the lobby space with light and colour. The artwork invites visitors to reflect and contemplate the energetic focused that guide our planet.

Visualising the power of nature

The sun is the source of all life on our planet. It is only because of the very specific distance of the earth from the sun that life can exist at all.

This energy has created mountains, oceans, deserts and forests, and allowed complex ecosystems to evolve. With humans and animals, a delicate balance must be maintained for all species to thrive together.

Atmospheric colour refractions and visual phenomena serve as blueprints to creative adaptive visual compositions, colours, gradients and shapes to show the forces that drive our planet.


The artwork brings back nature into our field of view, to illustrate that learning from and working with nature is the way to achieve genuine harmony and balance on our planet. For office workers who move through the lobby multiple times a day, to visitors who can pause for a moment to take in the full atmospheric effect, the scale of the screen and gestures of the artwork.

A generative symphony

The accompanying musical score is designed to constantly evolve and shift based on the parametric nature of the visual scenes.

Consisting of seven distinct sections that use and synthesise natural sound recordings, the audio and visual work in perfect harmony to create a truly sensorial experience in the lobby.


Envision Group

Commissioned by


Executive Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Creative Director

Paul Brenner

Client Director

Vera-Maria Glahn


Sixtine de Cidrac


Alice Shaughnessy

Creative Developer

Jonas Otto

Creative Developer

Riccardo Torresi

3D Design

Jann Choy

3D Design

Margot Hofmans


Max Palmer

Sound Design

Asako Fujimoto

Sound Design


Creative Developer

Dominique Dautheribes

Backend Development

Frederik Brodbeck